A beautiful beginning

Providing an aspiration
To succeed
In this endeavor for happiness.

I have been in the darkness,
And it gave me the tools
To create
With hope and strength,
As the foundation.

But I no longer wish it to be,
I seek longevity,
I seek peace
With the understanding of the happiness I was meant to have.

I have waited,
For what seemed like an eternity,
For you to change my perception
To better face the obstacles
Of this dizzying world.

Brick by brick
I tear down the anger and pain that protected me,
Leaving me free to begin again
To learn how to share my life with another
Willingly and unafraid.

Whether you are the light,
To change my realm or not
Is irrelevant,
Because good or bad you have already served a purpose,

You have shown me I can let myself be cared for,
You have lessened the pain of my past,
Heightened the happiness of my present
And magnified the beauty of my future,

For that I will show my gratitude with all of who I was,
All of who I am,
And all of who I will be because of you.


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