One moment

One moment,
In a situation irrelevant,
With a topic completely opposite,
Yet directly parallel to what you have felt,

To make you feel,
That something you thought you where over
Turns out you only fooled yourself,
Because you were not over it at all.

You had been in a place that was,
And tranquil,
In a state of content,
Only to be thrown back,

Into the midst of those overwhelming feelings.
Feelings of anger,
And pain that have been silently building now revealing themselves.

Under a Persian rug,
Beautiful and intricate,
Is where we keep the things we wish to ignore,
The things we pray will just disappear after time,
Because we feel too weak or dismantle it.

Even though we quickly and willfully swept it away,
It will never be gone,
We will continue to sweep things under it,
Until the day we can no longer walk over it.

It’s that day when you find yourself affected
By the dirt you so comfortably swept,
When you can no longer hide,
And you are forced to deal with the issues at hand.

You have been in this situation,
Were you have been so utterly submerged,
With that destruction,
With no inkling of how you were to survive,

But you made it,
You came from the abyss,
From the immeasurable depths of despair,
And you will do it again,

Because you not only have the strength to do so,
But you also have the will.

All you have to do is take that first step
And watch yourself go.


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