Your strength

I have been on the floor,
My face flat in the dirt,
My arms too weak to lift me up,
As the darkness pushes,


An ocean of hope,
Dried in the drought of despair.
Dreams, full, vibrant, steadfast,
Now beginning to give way as a wavering thought.

The colours of my life,
So lush,

Have become cold,
And black.

In the absence of light
An archaic sense of sullenness appears.

It seems has become irrelevant
As it stretches on with no end in sight,
No promise of recovery,
From this hell.

Have you been here?

Have you seen these things?

I have.

I didn’t know what I was blessed with.

Perfectly crafted,
From gold and platinum,
To transform and adjust as the pressures of life change faces.
From diamonds,
Powerful, precious and unbreakable.

I was not made from breakable substances,
I was not made to perish at the bottom of the darkness,
I was made to overcome,
To survive,
To be victorious.

I lost sight of that strength,
That has been built in my foundation,
That has grown, developed, and nurtured over time
By the battles won.

I have fixed my gaze upon it
And every time I find myself lost in the darkness,
I will remember what is within me,
A force that refuses to be contained…


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