Honesty’s approach


A strange thing,
We choose to play this cat and mouse game,
Sometimes using half truths
To keep the flame of interest alive,
Yet we are surprised when we begin using whole truths.

Why do we spend so much of life holding back what we feel?
Afraid to be too honest because it might frighten potential interests away?
Why do we add a secret code to our communication hoping that the receiver will read between the lines?
Why do we add fog to who we are, leaving new comers to stumble their way around getting to know us?

We do these things,
Maybe unknowingly,
Because we think that a bit of mystery will add to our appeal,
When in actual fact it leaves us with many unspoken truths.

Those unspoken truths only bring us to a place of questions.
We question the way we handled the situation,
We question the worth of our own selves,
And most importantly we picture the result if we had just spoken our truth.

If I simply told you ‘I like you, and I want to see were this goes’
Would things be different right now?
If I just let you see the me that is honest,
Would I have you in my arms right now?

Honesty brings clarity to speculation and uncertainty.

Allow the beauty of your soul to shine through,
Believe in your strength to deal with rejection,

Because that willing soul is out there waiting for you.


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