Your journey transformed

Mountains are getting taller,

Rivers are stretching wider,

Flowers are blossoming,

Fresh rains begin to swell in the sky,


Your world is transforming,

Right in front of your eyes,

You willingly step through the door,

That once cut you off,


This door that forced you to go through any opening you could find,

To escape the confinement,

Of those four walls,

Of that tight chest feeling,


As the rains fall it washes away the old,

& dying,

The broken,

& tattered,


Refreshing your soul for the next step in your journey,



Readying you for greatness.


This road is different,

Unknown dangers may appear at any moment,

But do not fear them,

You are greatly protected,

Divinely favoured,

So no harm meant to keep you down can prevail.


Allow yourself to embrace this route,

To be enveloped by it,

It will never be easy,

But it will be worth it,

If you let your strength shine through,

You will see how you prosper.


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