You may never know what it’s like,

To have all of me,

Because I keep you at arm’s length,

To protect my heart,

From the pain of failure.


I want to look at you through the eyes of my younger self,

When I believed in a happily ever after,

But the hurt that has caused a rift within,

Forcing me to expect that you will leave.


I don’t know how to be loved,

So I find myself asking when,

When will you realize you want something more than what I can offer you?

When will you look turn blank, void of all emotion in your eyes?

When will I wake up, only to find you have disappeared into darkness?


I don’t want to feel this way,

But if I let you in,

Will you stay?

Will you help me believe in a long lasting love?

Will you show me how to let someone love me?

Because if I could have anyone love me,

I’d want it to be you,

I only ask that you not prove my suspicions true.


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