What is I’m sorry?

What is it worth?

Why do you give it?

Who does it help?


How many times are you going to say “I’m sorry”?

You throw “I’m sorry” out like it’s a pacifier,

To keep me quiet and move past your wrongs,

But I can’t hear your sorry’s anymore,


You took my love,

Put it under your shoe,

And walked out my door,

Only to come back with it and ‘I’m sorry’ plasters all over,


My love is worth more than your I’m sorry,

I blame myself because I accepted them,

I let you back in,

I believed ‘I’m sorry’,


But no more,

I am no longer a part of your domain,

Your apologies are no longer accepted here,

It is a currency that has become foreign to my universe,


My love for you has been broken by your sorry’s,

But no matter I still have love to give,

To someone who won’t use ‘I’m sorry’ as carelessly as you,

But rather only use it when it means something.


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