I know it hurts

It hurts,

It hurts more than I ever thought possible,

The pain flows like the rapid of a river bed,

It runs deep into me,

Into a place I thought was blocked up,

Bricked up,

Sealed away.

A place were no light,

No wind,

No air could enter,

That place that was built because of a previous hurt.

It’s hard to see a way out,

I lay here,

Curled up,

My knees wrapped tightly by my arms,

Pulling closer to my chest,

All to numb the crackling pain that rendered me useless.

Tears running down my face onto the dirt,

Destroying any hope of recovery,

I can’t breathe,

I feel myself choking,

Turning blue,

At the moment of passing out I heard a voice,

“I know it’s hard,

I know you feel like you cannot take anymore,

You feel like this is the end of you,

But you have to get up,

You have to take that step forward,

How big the step is,

Is up to you,

But you have to take it because,

Only once you take that first step will you begin to heal,

You will begin to overcome,

Take my hand and let me walk with you”

For the first time I opened my eyes,

And for that split second I knew I was going to be ok.


2 thoughts on “I know it hurts

  1. Embrace all off your emotions no matter how difficult and painful, with a guarantee of an inner peace that cannot be described….. all part of the journey to inner happiness. #EYJ


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