You’re death in pretty wrapping paper

Every part of you is remarkable in its own way,

When I feel you close to me, shivers cover my body,

When I see you walking towards me, butterflies flutter through my stomach,

When you look at me, my knees give way,


Every part of you was meant to captivate me,

I can’t stay mad at you when we fight because you do everything you can to make it up to me,

I need your presence around me,

Because without it I suffocate.


This feeling of needing you is strong,

But in truth your love frightens me,

Even though I need it,

When I have it I can feel myself dying inside.


How do you keep me here willingly?

When you’re killing me with a smirk on your face,

When did I abandon logic and reason?

When did I become so blind that I unwrap a bomb with my eyes wide open?


You breached my outer perimeter,

You bypassed my warning systems,

You went straight for my heart and presented it with a package,

Only to find out it was death disguised in pretty wrapping paper.


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