What is good enough?

Making an effort,

Changing how I look,

Doing more to please your body,

And still you look at me void of incident,


I could bring you water from a hidden spring,

Climb into an erupting volcano to get you a diamond,

I could swim across all four oceans,

And still you refuse to acknowledge gratitude.


What is good enough for you?

Why should I have to do so much for you to be happy?

Do you know what you have in me?

Because I have grown weary of trying to please you,


If you are so unhappy then leave,

Because if you don’t feel anything for me,

Then why waste anymore of my time?

I wish you luck trying to find anyone even close to me.


The time has come for me to do better than you,

Make no mistake I will find someone that wants to give me the love you refuse to give,

Because ‘enough’ is something I shouldn’t have to do,

I’m simply worth more than that and you.


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