Let them stare

A mountain and a river,
A pear and an apple,
North and South,
A lake and a pound,

People say we are different,
People say we will never last,
People say we are awkward,
But what do they know?

Yes we are different,
But I am myself with you,
I see through the masks you show the world,
You captivate me without having to be present,

Our silence speaks more than our words,
It is comfortable, it is soothing,
I follow your wave length as you follow mine,
You ground me and I uplift you,

So yes we may be different,
But we are so much more than what people see,
Our irregular shapes fit perfectly together,
They don’t see that,

People will always be there to judge us from a distance,
They will never go deeper than their first glance,
But who cares what people think?
Because we know the truth.


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