What suddenly makes me worthy?

What suddenly makes me worthy of your effort?
What suddenly changed about me to change your mind?
Why do you suddenly feel the need to change what happened in the past?
You took me for granted and now you realized what you lost.

Is it because I moved on?
Is it because I’m no longer free or waiting for you?
Is it because I have given my affections to one who deserves it?
Or is it because you see now that my love was real?

You may now see the error of your ways,
You may now feel the emptiness without my love,
You may now miss my touch,
You may now want to change the way you treated me,

But I have moved past you,
I have a love that is returned to me in equal measure,
I have laid you to rest,
And your realization of your mistake, I’m afraid, are too late,

You should have thought this through,
Before you pushed me out the door,
Because when you didn’t appreciate me,
You showed me that I deserve better, so keep your regrets to yourself.


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