I offered you me,
I offered you the love I possess,
Even though my hurt made it hard to give,
I gave it anyway.

Sweet innocent sparks,
Long lasting smiles,
Butterflies in the pit of the stomach,
Pure whimsical love.

I build a wall to protect my heart,
Afraid that I would be violated,
I never let anyone get too close,
Afraid my soul would be touched in ways that I couldn’t bear.

You tried to help someone like me and failed,
And now it’s your baggage holding us back.
You want me to promise you forever,
But can’t, I don’t know what the future holds,

Now where does this leave us?
Except with these feelings of hot and cold,
Uncertainty has put a damp blanket on something beautiful,
Because you don’t want baggage without lifetime a guarantee.

I want you see that your baggage goes with mine,
And allow us a chance,
I want you to fight for us, like I do,
Because you make me better, I wish I make you better too.

But I also need to repair the hurt that holds me,
The damage that keeps me from being the right one for you,
I need to focus on myself,
Because I can’t stand this volatile situation, when all I want is to be that person you can’t live without.

Until then I have to say goodbye,
Goodbye to your love,
Goodbye to the beauty of your soul,
Goodbye to the one I wished to hold for an eternity.


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