Let go

Let go of the past,
Let go of what happened,
Let go of why it happened and
Let go of the pain or joy that came with it.

Make peace,
Because nothing you do can change what you experienced.
Take from it what you can,
And use it to change your perspective about the way your perceive things in your future.

You have crossed treacherous wastelands,
You have climbed impossibly snowy mountains,
And you have walked through destructive flames,
All seeking to hinder and destroy you,
But you have survived.

See, feel and embrace your progress,
Because if you linger only on the negative,
Revolving around what or could have been,
How do you expect to fully appreciate that growth that is yours?

Whether your soul was left desolate with anguish or overwhelmed with happiness,
Don’t lose sight of the strength already within you,
To reach for those stars that seems impossible to obtain.

Keep your blessings close to your bosom,
And believe in a better tomorrow,
Because that’s when you will see the fruits that have already begun to ripen.


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