An explosion that leads to nothing

The ascension of the most delicate hair’s on the back of my neck, a reaction to your gentle breath making contact with my skin, it gave way to an arousal struggling to decide if this was real or part of a dream within my waking mind. Realizing that the situation is actually a part of my reality I anticipated your next move with more excitement.

I felt you at the back of me, teasing me, as I wait for a gentle bite on my neck that turns into a deep sucking of my skin stimulating the interest in my soul.

Your hands begin to move under the clothes that now seem to burn my flesh as I longed to rip them off, but the moment your hand crossed the threshold of my pants it began a poignant effect, this mind numbing stimulation took me to heights of soul-stirring motions that brought me to a state were the only articulation that I could muster was a deep aspiration.

I turned now to look into the eyes of the force that brought forth such pleasure I only find myself disappointed because instead of a sense of fulfilment all I felt was emptiness. You are a temporary patch for a heart longing for more, I knew that once this climax has come and gone you will leave with it and I will be forced to face the deafening void within.

The only difference will be that this agonizing void that dampens my will to heal will be greater in size as you leave with a piece of me I’ve given to you and all for a momentary sensation of feeling a wanting….


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