You came through the deep of the fog

Broken down by an impure heart,
A hardened heart behind a wall built from hurt,
Your pain sort the purity of the love that seeped from my pores,
And I was blinded by the need for someone to take that love and revel in the warmth of it,
And you did,
You bathed in my love, comfortably, soaking in the rejuvenation of an unbelievable wonder,
Until you no longer needed to.

Like the weakened state of your favorite lounge chair you wore out my heart, and there I held it battered against my chest, seemingly unusable.
My words have taken me to the place where I curse the one that did this to you because it sent you to me with flames eager and ready to do harm, I just happened to be in the firing line.

You created an explosion that sent shock waves at a high velocity to the depths of my core,
The stronghold of my soul,
A soul that I bore to you with the honesty that flowed like the purist river,
But you attempted to bedevil it.

Like dark thick fog you enveloped my everything,
Heard to breath I chocked,
Without my vision, I panicked, claustrophobia began to sink in,
An end seemed to be a pleasant release from the misery of this dull slump.

Claws of strength, will, determination digging deep into the walls of my soul as I began to climb through the fog back to a lighter place.

A lighter spirit taking over,
The fog beginning to thin out,
Though still thick, survival seemed a lot more likely.

In an astonishing twist of events a hand came through the fog,
Impervious to its affects,
Through it the rest of you appeared,
This glow that surrounded you seemed to will the rest of the fog away.

You took my hand and finally I know what it is to be supported,
Finally I know what it is to have my love returned without looking and working for it,
Finally I know what it feels like to be looked at with adorning eyes, with wanting eyes,
I will do everything in my power to keep this feeling,
Because you embellish me with your love, you put your trust in me and whatever the future holds for you and me I will not let an angry heart keep me from this…


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