Hidden no longer

I have a secret,
Something I hide in the shadows,
Because society told me it wasn’t an ‘in’ thing,
It shows signs of weakness.
Hesitant of possible ridicule,
Hidden and masked is how I survived.

But why hide what can be so beautiful,
Why feel ashamed of a dying quality,
A quality that is now becoming a fantasy,
Because when it appears, skeptical eyes force it into the shadows,
Doubt breaks it down because too good to be true to them is just that,
But if we disturb the smoke the truth is bound to appear.

Realizing that fear is not needed here anymore,
Because it’s not what they think,
It’s about how I make you feel,
It’s about showing you I’ll go to any lengths to keep your butterflies fluttering.

I’m a proud romantic,
So expect ‘just because’ roses,
Know I’m going to gently caress your hand in the movies,
Accept that surprises could pop up at any time,
And be prepared for the day I make you my life,
Because rest assured no small gesture is worthy of how I will choose to make my feelings known,

Bringing the world out of the fantasy of a chick flick,
Let me show you what a MAN from reality is capable off.
Instead of wishing you had it,
You will be encompassed by it,
Unable to fully comprehend the scope of what it could do for you…


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