An intricate love story: My feet walk to the beat of my mind and not my hear

My foolish behaviour has seemed to betray me once more,
I look back at how things used to be expecting to see a horrific situation,
Instead all I see is me being taken care off,
You wanted to love me and so you did,
But these feet so eager to get away now wanting to go back.

I realize now that I was spoiled by a love that I couldn’t appreciate,
A love that was pure and true,
But to my wild heart it felt like a net,
A black hole keeping me from feeling free,
Yes ‘idiot’ is the word that crosses my mind as well.

Reluctantly I glance back to ponder what could have been,
Pain flushes through my veins,
The punishment my heart saw fit for the extreme mental imbecility of my mind when it commanded my feet to flee…


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