When You Finally Get To That Place

One grows up with a naïve perception on how the world works,
About people and the mark we will leave in the world,
This notion is sweet and innocent but we still naïve.
Once we are thrown into this giant pond we see that things are not as they seem,
We realize that they are not as black and white as we thought,
Our perception of who we thought we would be changes, the things we thought we would achieve seem to now be lost dreams because reality is harsh and has no time for the sweet dreams of children.

You will change your mind again and again and again,
You will become discouraged,
You will feel despondent,
You will see the world is not a fair place and if you expect that your dreams to fall on your lap you are mistaken so prepare yourself for disappointment.

But a time will come when you see your path as clear as day,
For a split second you will know where you are going, how you will get there,
And you will have a choice, either you can do all you can to follow your path and achieve the greatness it leads to or you can stay in your state of stagnation.
Easy is not a term you will use in this journey,
It will be hard because you have to be worthy of the reward,
But as long as you stay steadfast and harness the energy of your ambition and drive you will reach the peak of your happiness and it will be marvellous.


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