I Am Past The Point Of Recall

A powerful force,

You who make the worlds to collide

Like gravity, you draw them closer, you draw me closer,

Destruction and hurt caused by your love is inevitable,

But there is happiness on the other side and it’s that happiness that retains my position,

A position that holds me in this path of destruction.


The audacity and arrogance revealed through your nature infuriates even the most serene centres of my being,

How dare you stand there with that charming smile on your face and clam to love me while you bring pain to my world?

An infusion of emotions have taken over what used to be my life

Creating a version of myself that is both better and worse but I can’t decide if the good out ways the bad or if the bad out ways the good.


But you cannot be the only one to be blamed, no.

I did this to myself,

By allowing the circumstance of this situation to escalate and transform,

Into the insane, intense situation it is today.


I showed you how to gain mastery of my essence,

I helped you prevail, to be in the victorious position which you hold firmly with both hands,

Now I stand hurt but addicted and past the point of recall,

Looking to the past to who I was before is no longer a choice because I only see the inevitability of the violent conflict that awaits my heart,

And strangely enough fear is not what I feel,

It’s excitement and curiosity to experience the rush of the approaching ruin…


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