We Did The Dance & Now My Eyes Are Open

We entered into this dance,
My intention is to take you on a journey,
Show you a magical place,
With a desire for you to be covered in a transcendent feeling,

I brought techniques that could marvel nations,
But you pushed it aside like it was nothing,
You beckoned me to take you to Olympus,
But detached mid-flight,
No warning,
No explanation,
You only left me with doubt,
Doubt about the power of my sex,

I thought that I had failed in my quest to transport you to a mythical place filled only with lush and succulent surroundings,
I wanted you to leave in a state of rejuvenation and relaxation,
You struck a blow to my confidence that forced me to withdraw,

You made me feel like I was no good,
But you will be the last to make me feel like this,
Because I know the power that I hold,
I remember the presence that has always been in me,

I will unveil the magical place that I am more than capable of taking my partner,
One who is willing to be taken there,
I am a generous lover and the soul that I choose to bestow this gift too should feel honoured…


….Here we go,
Finally someone to ride this journey with,
Someone ready to take my hand in this powerful dance I have been waiting to perform,
I will open myself up to you,
Letting that vulnerable part of myself leave the comfort of its snug surroundings close to my soul safe and warm,

The passion of the Rumba slow and sensual brings forth the instinct to fulfil a sexual appetite made stronger by the need to feel its power,
The technical precision of a modern contemporary dance gives us the strength to bring a raw emotional beauty and unwavering trust that surpasses anything the human experience can show us,
And the simple elegance and beauty of the Waltz proves that a moment of the purist and most graceful beauty can be found in a state of magnificent love if you take the time to see it,

I will bring forth a wondrous love,
And the one who came before may have broken a part of my spirit,
But I do not hold bitter feelings towards you,
Because I was reminded that there is nothing wrong with my sex,
It is powerful, holding a magnitude known in a magnificence that I have shared with the one who deserves it,
So I thank you because you gave way for something much greater than you…


2 thoughts on “We Did The Dance & Now My Eyes Are Open

  1. Whoever who gets to see your vulnerable side and that gets to be part of your journey has to be very special and deserving. Most of all they be very lucky and I will be sure to remind them!!!…. love your work and most importantly you!!


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