A Two Minute Love


Remember a time when a simple compliment came your way,

Steering little butterflies in the pit of your stomach made your heart flutter,

And you smiled,

All because of a complete stranger,

Someone that you just met,

Giving you the attention you seemed to want,

Leaving you feeling special,

Making you giggle,

Unable to think of anyone else,

Feeling like there is no life without this wondrous feeling,


This innocence surfaces when you are a teenager,

Young and impressionable,

Naïve to the ways of the world,

Hopeful and optimistic,

Only wanting to see the beauty of love,

And so willing to trust,


This feeling is the reason why thoughts start to take over your mind,

After a few days you can’t help but think is this love at first sight?

A destiny being fulfilled?


But that love never weathers the storm,

By the second blink it’s over,

When you become an adult and experience pain of the heart for the first time those feelings all go away,

Eventually causing you to become resistant to love,

You become cold and sceptical,

You wish not to see the beauty that could be anymore,


But what if that innocence followed you into adulthood?

What if you could remain the you that is hopeful, optimistic, trusting?

And what if you could leave behind the young, naïve, impressionable teenage you?

Yes there will be times when a once thought instant love never moves past the honeymoon phase,

But there will be a time when you find a deeper connection,

A real ‘at first sight’ kinda love,

One that sees past the physical imperfections of an imperfect you and shows you the uniqueness of a magnificent you,


If you are not blinded by all the pain of the past,

That pain that put a wall around your heart for protection,

But instead stay open because you remained hopeful and willing to trust,

Won’t that be worth all of the hurt you experienced?

The day you come across your one?


So I implore you to keep the you that will never give up on finding happiness and let go of the you that keeps you from seeing the difference between a real love and a two minute love…


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