Fork in the road

You don’t get to have all of me,
Choices must be made,
You cannot have the benefit of my friendship and use my feelings for you for your own personal gain,
I have made my feelings for you known,
And you only had eyes for our friendship,
But now it seems you are manipulating them to strengthen your ego,
Gently brushing your skin against mine,
Prolonging a hug pulling in closer and tighter,
All to enhance a reaction you know you’ll get.

I have had moments in time where I have moved past you only to be drawn back in,
And you know this but I believe I’m worth more don’t you?
This feeling of stagnation must change,
Because I believe I have a lot more to offer your life,
Inspiration, wisdom, guidance, hope,

A choice must be made,
Who am I to the you that stands in front of me today?
You cannot have all of me,
Because you denied me,
And now you must decide which part of me you want,
A friendship built on loyalty or a temporary moment of praise,
This is a decision not to be taken lightly,
Because there are consequences to the next move no matter the direction,
If you choose to boost your ego I assure you, you will lose me faster than you realize,
And if you choose my friendship you will no longer receive the affection you enjoy,

Whichever your choice you are going to lose a part of me,
You just need to decide which part of me you’re willing to loose…


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