Precious Stones Part 3 – The Loyalty Of The Emerald

The strength of your loyalty is great like the power of your integrity,

Ferociously you fight off all who would seek to harm me,

You walk along side of me keeping me at ease,

Bringing a calmness to every part of my body,

You help to broaden my thoughts and envision a world where I am in control,Emerald

A world where I create my own direction,

Laying one stone slab step at a time to build my path,

Each slab an action made positively by me because of you.

Your soothing character reaches deep within me,

Moving along the tiny nerve endings of my spine,

Coursing through the valves and arteries of my beating heart,

As wholesome as the Emerald you keep us in a constant state of honesty,

You show me that a life lived with you will bring me eloquence in my expression that moves me…


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