Precious Stone Part 4 – The Passion Of The Ruby


The fire that is your Ruby passion enthrals me,

Its bright wild flames warm the darkest corners of my being,

It takes me to places I’ve never imagined,

Throwing me into strange day dreams that captivate me,

From the shore of a wondrous crimson lake that gives rise to a magnificently powerful creative force,

To the top of a cloud bathing in your sunlight to give me the sweetest contentment,

It gives me a renewed love for life which in turn gives me the energy to take on the challenges that comes with this world we live in,

You are more unbelievable than you realize,

Like a burning star your fiery substance does more than illuminate the full spectrum of my world,

Your valiant heart provides me with sustenance,

Nourishing me with inspiration, courage, truth and love…


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