The Intimacy After An Act

Natural is this act of sexual natures,

An act used to satisfy our physical needs,

To bring some understanding to the obscurity of a fragile heart,

Used to bring pleasure, heighten senses and solidify a bond between two wondering souls,


To me the most intimate part of this act is the afterward,

When the climax has come and gone,

When the excitement of the intensity has past,

This makes all the difference.

The act can be done for many reasons hence intimacy is not guaranteed,

Because for each reason will come with a different effect after.


A moment of lost pleasure will end with briskly moving along sometimes accompanied with a feeling of regret,

An emotional need to feel wanted often ends with a greater feeling of loneliness,

But a journey driven by the power of love is when you will feel the incredible ascendancy of immaculate intimacy,


You lay in a tight, warm embrace,

You lover’s gentle finger tips trace around the dimples of your lower back,

They trace in the subtle creases of your palms,

Around your fingers to the shape of your hand before intertwining the two,

Like a fusion of precious metals, solid and unheeding,

Your lover then uses their free hand to trace the journey told by your inner thigh,

You wish for this endearment that portrays the expression of this affection to be hindered by the sands of time,

For this unmatched sensation to last as long as possible,


This intimacy is a beautiful portrayal of a powerful and magical experience,

That releases a sensual security of a safe warm space protected by a veil hard as rock but light as a feather,

Like a sun that rises and sets,

A moon that gives light to the darkness,

Its power is driven by purpose yet it has an unbelievably vast depth of intricacy,

Hold on to this intimacy for it is rare in occurrence but will remain unchanged by time as long as it is nurtured by a willful soul…


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