Do You Know Who You Are?

I am an old soul in a young man’s body,

I am a healer,

I am powerful,

These are the words I have been told.


We never realize what impact we have on the lives of the people we cross,

Because we don’t understand the strength we have,

We don’t see the gifts we’ve been blessed with,

We ignore the ability to accept our worth,


I have chosen to accept who I am,

To appreciate the gifts that comes with me,

To acknowledge the power that resonates through my being into the ones I touch,


I was blessed with the gift of using words to,

Awaken the core,

Provoke thoughts within those who I reach,

Take them on a journey of self-discovery,


The strength of my words will stand the tests of time,

They will reach through the ages to touch the souls, hearts and minds of the ones it finds,

They will bring colour, sun shine, rainy days and winds of change to the ones who will chance it,

They will test, enlighten, strengthen, inspire and motivate those who choose to embrace it.


I am a writer,

A gift given to me to serve a purpose.

God saw fit to add a healer’s touch,

Along with the ability to bring my words to life for the ones who read them,

I want to inspire and develop their spirits,

I want to give strength and hope to their hearts,

I want to change and better their lives,


This is who I am and I will embrace it with every inch of my being,

I will let it consume my spirit because it’s who I am and who I’ve always been,

I just needed to believe it, to trust it and to envelop it…


2 thoughts on “Do You Know Who You Are?

  1. You are a special soul, with a special gift…. You inspire, motivate and encourage me through many of your pieces…. So glad you have embraced it…. You have an awesome journey ahead!!


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