Perfection Beyond Understanding

A silky red chiffon bow delicately tied around a dark oak box to seal the marvel held inside,

Perfectly wrapped and waiting to be opened,

Only by my hands,

Delivered on the day it was meant too,

The day I could appreciate this gift,

The day I could handle its fragile wrapping with an affectionate fondness.


Slow and delicate was the way forward,

Unlike an excited child ripping off the wrapping to get to the surprise this needed exquisite handling,

So with one deft tug after another I began,

With every tug I was closer to the experience,

The chiffon bow coming undone with the greatest of ease,

The tension from the anticipation becoming more intense,

My heart is running a marathon but I’ve never felt more at ease,


The time is now,

All I have waited for was at my fingertips,

As I revealed the mystery awaiting me all comprehension left my mind,

My words lost its voice to express,

My heart became the leading voice at this moment and this is what it had to say,


“You are perfection beyond understanding,

A creation meant only to fit the grooves of my soul, my body, my heart,

You have impregnated me with stimulating feelings of warmth, passion, love, acceptance,

I have absorbed your presence with ease like the process of osmosis you pass through me into me,

I thank God for his art when he created you for me because he did so with precision, grace and beauty…”


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