A Lost Love, That Doesn’t Want To Die

The touch of your tender lips,

The intense heat from your chest,

My hands sliding deep down into your back,

Your breath moving with zeal on my neck,


Memories so vivid I feel it in my reality,

I feel you in this moment,

Feelings of ardent,

Feelings igniting feverish excitement deep in my loins,

Instincts to thrust back and forth,

In the hopes friction emits sparks from the pure electricity formed by the single intense current now coursing through us,


This is my place of peace,

A time that all I felt was happiness,

But my mind is cruel and cold like the darkness,

Never letting my body forget,

Reminding my heart this time has long past,


I am forced to relive this golden time,

This time impossible to imitate or mimic,

Only cast a shadow over anything to come after,


An unforetold end to a lavish magnificence,

A heart now crushed by what started out as your infatuation,

Infatuation that arose from your need to forget your own broken heart,

My reluctance to give this unlikely union a possibility entertained that infatuation.


My opened mountain pass to my heart laced with C4 planted by you exploded with the news of your rejection,

Your second choice no longer your distraction when your decision to give your broken heart back to the one who broke it was made,


Now here we stand,

Out in the cold,

Your broken heart once more broken,

Your back up route closed,

My memories flooded with the thought of what was,

Pain prominent,

But amongst it all one thing was certain,

The same mistake would not be made again…


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