Beneath Me

Beneath me you lay,

Underneath my skin runs a burning,

Kinetic energy infecting my being,

Flourishing vigour,

With tactics to alternate the currents of my soul,

Its intention to thrive in prosperous light,


A power so great it sends shivers of fear pulsating through my body,

Fear of the possibility of this,

Threatening thunder in the near distance warning me off,

How do I proceed with this pleasurable danger?


Both feet seek to move forward,

But one stuck behind in a grim that sticks like glue, holds it firmly in place,

Both feelings so strong I’m entering a state of combustion,

A dangerous chemical coming into contact with its oxygen,

Your light and the dark you bring colliding,


Unable to get the thought of you off my mind,

Your touch,

Your mystic aura.

Your presence stealthy lurking in between the words oozing from my imagination onto my page,

Powerful, prominent and awe-inspiring,


An uncomprehending logic,

An apprehensible theory,

A decision has been made…


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