I’m Going To Destroy You, Only To Protect You

You stand in front of me,

Your balance off,

Your eyes in a daze,

Confusion taking over your head,

I could hear the pain in your heart ripping through every vessel,

I used you, without meaning too,

My broken heart needed to heal and you wanted to help with a tender touch,

Your broken heart needed to forget and I wanted to help with a reassuring smile,

The rules were clear for a flawless game to be played,

Attachments were never to be made,

You said you understood, you said you agreed but along the way something happened,

You broke the rules without my knowledge, you cheated, played dirty and now you stand a mess,

There is only one way to fix this,

To destroy you was the only way to save you,

I need to cut the ties and that means crushing this young love before it becomes a great love for you,

You need to feel the most intense dislike for me,

Something close to hate in order for this to end and allow yourself a chance to heal,

Because my body was yours,

My mind was yours,

But my heart will never feel about you the way yours feels about me,

I believe this friendship will survive the hurricane because we are strong enough to weather it,

Go now and find someone that will forever hold your heart with the tenderest care because you deserve that,

Because that’s all I want for you,

And I know that you want the same thing for me,

In the depths of my soul I know,

Love will find me, grasp me, transform me and evolve me, because I deserve the happiness of a thousand fairy tales…


2 thoughts on “I’m Going To Destroy You, Only To Protect You

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