A Profound Gift With The Presence That Echo’s Power

The presence of a Gift,

The believe of Power,

The yearning for Greatness,

Held back by the feeling of Fear,

The insecurity of Inadequacy,

And the torment of Failure,

Creative presence is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted,

It’s something that cannot be taught,

It’s something that courses through every vain and artery in your body,

It seeps through the pores of your skin,

It is a part of your being,

But like a garden it requires a nurturing touch and a constant loving affection.

Some have greater, more powerful gifts than others,

And I believe they have been given that honour to inspire those who cannot carry that kind of power,

Do not feel unworthy in their presence instead absorb the divine power they come with to better your craft and perhaps even yourself.

The Creative Soul has been and will always be my greatest love,

I speak not of my own but those that have inspired me to develop and transform my gifts so I can do for others what they do for me….


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