I Want To Spread Your Limbs Across Worlds…

Every inch of you has moved me,

From climax to climax,

Taking me from rose filled fields,

To mountain covered lakes,

Like floating in the calm of the sea,

You show me your depth has no end,

Your power and strength is both profound and magnificent.

Inspired, stimulated, drawn in,

I want you to feel the way I do,

I want every part of your body to feel what you make me feel,

Looking into the depths of your sweet brown eyes while I run my hands through your sleek black hair I pull closer to whisper in your ear,

Sweet nothings that jolt through your back along with the power of thunder and lightening,

I spread your arms out and link your hands with mine,

With my eyes closed I move to kiss you with great passion, your lips taste purely of sugar and are as soft as a cloud, my heart beat rise along with yours,

And as I open my eyes the bedroom we were in was no longer,

The air smelled like you,

The sky now a warm orange felt like you,

And we were covered by a light white cloud,

I closed them to feel the warmth of this new world we were in,

But when I opened them again to marvel at you everything had disappeared,

It was just me,

I lay on my bed alone,

You took me to a dream state were I took you on a journey to see there is more to this life than you knew,


Stimulation of your body and mind,

You have spread my limbs across continents,

And now in return I will spread yours across worlds…


2 thoughts on “I Want To Spread Your Limbs Across Worlds…

  1. You really know how to express these things…. managing to put most people’s thoughts into words and also feeding the imagination…. nice one!!


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