The Difference Between Knowing Your Worth & Embracing It

Material possessions will not sustain me,

Coming in second place will not satisfy me,

An unconcerned heart will not stimulate me.

“You are worth more than you realize”

These are words that have been said to me repeatedly,

They have been spoken by people,

People who have cared for me,

Loved me,

Been concerned about me,

People that seek only to better me,

To see me grow,

To help me understand my own worth,

To help me see the special place that I hold in their hearts,

They have spoken these words to me and even though I have known there may be some truth to them,

I have never embraced it,

I have never seen this light I have been told is in me,

I have only seen ‘ordinary’ when I have looked at myself,

‘Extraordinary’ was a dream that I would never achieve,

A distant fantasy that would stay just that,

This is how I saw myself for a long time,

But things have changed,

I see myself now,

The remarkable me,

The strikingly exceptional me,

The conspicuous extravagance of me,

Finally I am me,

Deep down I have always known my worth to be great but now I have embraced it,

And the intense feeling that has changed my world has given me the drive and determination I need to see my goals fulfilled and to see the great that has been embedded in me all along…


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