A Brave Heart

A fragile heart beating rapid and frantic,

With worry,

With torment,

With confusion,

You stand alone in a barren waste land,

Your problems knocking at the door,

Darkness follows your every step,

A black hole threatening to swallow you whole,

You plunge,

Down this bottomless pit,

An end growing seemingly closer,

Jagged, rocky edges come into sight,

Razor sharp edges that now threaten your existence,

An existence that has seemed pointless,

But an existence none the else,

Before you know it the abrupt plunge has come to a halt,

You’ve hit the bottom,

Thick crimson blood filled the bottom of this pit,

And you lay bleeding to death,

The light leaving you,

Salty patches of tears fill your eyes,

The little hope left drew out of you,

Leaving your heart and soul,

But this is not your end,

Open your eyes!

Get up!


Find the strength you need!

The strength to claw your way out,

The climb will not be easy,

It won’t always be rewarding because no one will be there to help you along,

Only can overcome it,

And climb to the top,

Only you will feel the fresh of the world in your lungs,

Only you will feel the warmth of your life untainted by the dark that came before,

Because this cannot be your end,

This will not be your end,

This will not define you who you are or who you will become,

This darkness will not destroy you,

Find your faith,

Your strength,

Your will,

And you will see that no matter how dark times get there will always be a flame to help light the way back to the you that you know you are…


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