You & Me: Let Me Want You

Perfection is not something I wanted,

It’s not something I desired,

Because perfection is not something that can be seen in the great detail it was meant to be seen with the ordinary eye,

It’s not something that can be comprehended simply by our trifling minds,

No it’s something that is beyond our thinking,

Something that was divinely designed,

And not meant for us to understand,

Just meant for us to appreciate,

Like the sunset from the edge of a beach,

Like the stars that brighten the evening sky,

Like the magnificent process of a budding rose,

We don’t know how these things happen but we appreciate them,

We marvel at them,

And all I want is for you to see how I marvel at you,

How I appreciate you,

The subtle flecks of light that hit your eyes when you look at me,

The way your mouth curves when you giggle,

The sweet smell that fills my nostrils when you stand close to me,

The way my heart stops when you walk into a room,

I may not have wanted perfection,

But it’s what I got,

It’s what I got it when I found you,

And now that’s all I want,

But you won’t let me,

You won’t let me want you…


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