You & Me: Flows Like Lava

The source of energy we used to sustain this event of dynamic and epic proportions was pure heat,

Heat supplying us with the driving force we needed to keep it going,

I felt the power of you,

The power that caused this irresistible, overwhelming, alluring force,

With intensity that pushed us together like colliding tectonics plates below the Earth’s surface,

Every smooth, powerful touch of your hands,

Every slow, sensual kiss on my skin,

Every drop of salty, warm sweat that mixed with mine,

Causing an earthquake affect,

Waves of rippling energy hurtling rapidly through every inch of our bodies.

In an insistent the temperature rose,

Lava began to course through our veins building momentum the further it got,

And as it came closer to its destination it brought with it the sexual tension,

The built up frustration,

Finally I let you in,

Finally I opened up that part of me,

And I do not regret the decision,

Because you make my imperfections feel perfect,

You make me feel whole.

Now at the peak of this climactic, enduring, movement in my life, I felt an eruption of satisfaction,

An indulgence of gratification,

A complete surrender to a strong, barely controllable passion,

It was part of deliverance,

Deliverance from the pain, distress, anxiety,

I felt over my own insecurity’s,

By opening up to you I have proven to myself that I have the strength to open up,

I have the confidence to know that I may not be perfect but I am worthy of powerful, magical, and unbelievable love…


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