Games? At Your Age?


Why must we play them?

Does it give life the drama we need in order to survive?

Or is it we need the attention from others to stroke our own ego?

Whatever the reason, the real question should be at what age do we stop with the mind games?

The toying of people’s emotions?

What happened to being honest?

Was there ever a time when we as the human race were honest?

We beg for a simpler life,

Yet we do all we can to complicate it further,

We seek to have a life were things are black or white,

Yet all we can make out is grey,

We blur the lines,

And we cause pain,

Not only for ourselves but for the person we choose to be the star puppet in our magic show.

Today I choose to do things differently,

I choose to become truthful with people that cross my path,

I choose not to indulge the games of puppeteers looking for a new challenge,

The longer we play these unavailing, feeble games the longer we spend unhappy,

So respect the emotions of the person that shows interest in you because they are opening themselves up to you, allowing themselves to be vulnerable,

And respect yourself enough to not be taken advantage of and to put anyone in their place who dares to try…


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