A New You: Reality Is a Different Color

Sunshine yellow,
Clear sea blue,
Deep rich red,
Color is all I can see,
Inspiring color,
Blinding my eyes,
Nothing could penetrate this layer that has taken over my life,
I’m happy,
For the first time I’m truly happy,
The mess that has come before,
The sadness that seemed to consume me,
The feeling of worthlessness,
I thought I’d missed the chance to find my happy ending,
I worked so hard to make things work,
But success it seemed was not meant to be,
Because all that followed was failure,
I lost my will to get up in the morning
Because I lost the love I had for myself…
I am so grateful,
Grateful that I found the strength I needed to dig myself out of that ditch,
That dark place,
Because if I didn’t I would never have reached a place where I could love myself again,
I would never have healed enough to be ready for you,
You who brought these colors into my orbit,
This happiness,
This unimaginable feeling of a complete love,

My happy ending has found me,
What I went through was worth it be at this point,
I finally feel worthy,
Worthy to embrace and accept my happily ever after…


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