Who Am I Without You?

The sun doesn’t seem to shine these days,

It struggles to make its way through the thick black cloud that follows me around,

The nights seem darker,

Without the moon or the stars to brighten it,

The flowers have no scent to make my world better,

The strawberries don’t taste as sweet,

Not even the rich, soft, smooth taste of a Red Velvet cake can satisfy these taste buds,

All the simple joys that the world gave me, the day you come into my life,

Those joys have gone, they left the day you left my world,

You, the one at the centre of my universe,

You, the reason for the happiness, love, joy and fulfilment, in my life,

You are no longer here,

You, the light that showed me the path,

And now that the light is gone my path is hidden from me,

You, the one who gave me courage when you held my hand and walked with me,

Without that I don’t know if I will be able to move forward,

I don’t remember how I got here without you,

I don’t remember who I was before you,

Because you changed me,

You made me a better version of who I was before,

You took all my insecurities in one hand and told me it’s ok because you love me with them,

You told me you love me because of them,

I don’t know how I’m going to make it without you,

I don’t know how I’m going to survive without you,

But what I do know is what you’d say to me,

“Live the life you have left, don’t cry because I’m not here, instead smile and count yourself blessed that we got to share a lifetime with the one we love and remember what we shared together a life full of beautiful and cherished moments that is what will carry you till the day when we will be together again.”


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