The Power of Your Person

There is a person out there for you,
A person that was hand crafted just for you,
A person to fit you perfectly like two puzzle pieces,
A person that touches your soul with their mere presence,
The person that you are most honest with, That holds your heart in their hands just to keep it safe,
A person that knows what’s wrong with you before you do,
That feels your pain and joy no matter how far apart you are from each other,
That can sooth you,
Comfort you, all with a simple hug…
That’s your soul mate,
Your person,
The one you can count on,
The one that knows you better than anyone else,
It can be your partner,
Your best friend,
It doesn’t matter because it’s your person,
Not everyone finds their person,
And that’s so sad because they will never have the chance to experience the power of having that special someone,
The comfort they bring,
The joy they bring,
The peace they bring,
And most importantly the everlasting love.
But if you have been lucky enough to find that one person you don’t have to worry about losing him or her because this is no seasonal affair it is a lifelong connection that can never be broken, lost, or torn apart,
You are divinely blessed,

You are cosmically favored,
So show your love for your person as much as you can,
Because The Power of Your Person can never be replaced, substituted, or compared to anything else in the world…


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