I’m Not Breakable

I’m not breakable,

I may seem like I can’t handle things,

I may seem like I crack under pressure,

I may seem like I’m losing grip of reality,

But this is not so.

I am stronger than I seem,

I have been given a strength,

A strength that can only be given to me by God,

To overcome,

And to deal,

With any obstacle that may cross my path,

Because he would never let me go through something I can’t handle,

These obstacles will make me stronger,

They will help me grow,

They will see me to the great things that I will do,

I have to learn to stand on my own,

I have to learn how to face my demons on my own,

And even though I will never be alone,

Because my Lord,

My family,

My support system,

Will always be with me,

And they are the things that will get me through while I face my battles,

I will fight for myself,

So don’t you worry about me,

I am not breakable,

And I will make it through this,

Because I refuse I fail…


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