A Shiver

A shiver,

A shiver can be a powerful sensation,

Spreading through your body,

Covering every inch,

Like the water from a waterfall,

Bursting through your soul,

Like lava from a volcano,

A simple touch is what brings this sensation to life for me,

But not just anyone’s touch,

Only yours,

Because the slightest brush of your fingers against my arm,

Drives me insane,

Your warm, light breathing on my neck while I watch you sleep,

Sends me into fits,

Your love is so simple,

So pure,

To be loved by you,

Is a gift,

I believe given to me,

Because everyone deserves happiness,

Everyone deserves a happily ever after,

And to have you as mine,

Gives me that shiver that engulfs my entire body,

And this is a feeling I can live with for the rest of my life…


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