When You Look At Me

When you look at me,
The dark that consumes me is gone,
Like the sea at night during a storm, violent, rough and black,
That is silenced and calmed by the bright of the morning sun,
This is what your brown eyes do for me, they make the stormy sea of my life calm again,
Warm and peaceful is what my world becomes from your gaze,
Powerful traits that shine through your glowing eyes,

Your lips move my soul,
They distract me just by moving,
They speak to me in my dreams,
They invoke thoughts that make my loins furious with lust, passion, wanting,
Of the acts that I dare not mention, to keep both of us from blushing like a field of red roses,

Everything about the way you look at me makes me feel better,
It is the strength that gets me through hard times,
It is the thing I look forward to most,
It is the reason for the smile on my face,
It is the way I want to see myself because you see only the best in me,
I have been divinely favored to have been blessed with this look,
This look that brings joy to my life,

And it’s all because it comes from you,
I will always fight for you,
I will always give all of myself to you,
I will do it to keep this feeling,
Because I never want it to end…


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