I’m almost a REAL BOY!

Creative, powerful and an amazing writer so blessed to have her as my soulmate

Letters to Matthew from across the sea:)

Dear Matthew,

I am starting to feel like I am Pinocchio and the Job Center has become my Gepetto except Gepetto loved Pinocchio and these people are starting to work on my nerves.

The first bird I met the first time I ever went to the hell hole was so rude I remember wanting to lurch myself over the table and give her a swift kick to her lady bits. Then the second person I met was so nice and couldn’t do enough for me. Then I made my way down there again and met my adviser. She was pretty cool and had a lot of gumption which I found very cool.  Then yesterday after busting my ass up eight flights of stairs (what is with that? Make me climb eight flights of stairs just so you can be rude to me?) I managed to get yet another very pleasant wrinkly…

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