I’m No Poet, But You Are

I’m no poet,
I am just a normal storyteller,
that’s the gift I was given,
don’t get me wrong my gift means the world to me,
but I’m no poet, when I write something,
I create a story,

Meant to be seen in your mind’s eye,
I use these stories to create emotions,

To lay before you a thought provoking path,
To invoke a reaction within you,

To eventually bring you to a climax,

And hopefully leave you feeling something, different,
But you are a poet,
Your words flow like lyrics to a song,
Singular words carrying power on their own but act as one at the same time,
Coming together like a harmonious song playing in beautiful, perfect symphony,
And when those words leave your lips it pulls together everything you feel in that moment,
It’s profound,
And it will affect you the way it was intended to,
To touch the very inner core of your soul,
That is your gift,

And one day I hope to possess a fraction of the power you hold…


3 thoughts on “I’m No Poet, But You Are

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