There Is A Method To My Madness

Hey Guys,

I wanted to write this post for you to get to know me better, I want you to know why I write the things I write and for you to see that there is a method to the things I do. For me I try write from the soul, I want my pieces to have as much honesty as I can give and I may not have gone through all of the experiences I have written about but I take the emotion of the topic and make it my own to give it a personal and honest feel.

It seems my new thing is doing a series of works to put together a story, each piece brings a different component to make up the big picture. I like this because it creates suspense or perhaps the better term to use is anticipation, I want to take you on an emotional ride, so the anticipation enhances the affect that each piece already adds.

When I’m writing a series I have a central theme but I take it in different directions with each piece, and each piece can have its own particular message that is still tied to that central theme. That is a big part of my writing, I want to create something that will give you a sense of strength, inspiration, or just something you can relate to and let you know you are not alone in the situation you’re in.

We all get down, we all go through dark times but I want you to know that its ok, its ok to vent, to feel down but there will always be a way out, there is still beauty to be found if you just look hard enough and we are stronger than we seem, this is my core message and I try to incorporate it into every piece I do.

I hope you have been enjoying my pieces, but more importantly I hope that there has been something that you’ve seen on my blog that has affected you in some way and you’ve left feeling better, this is an escape from the world but also a place to make sense of the time we live in, I hope that I have succeeded in creating that place for you.

Thank you for all your support,

Matthew Myles


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