The Strength of a Woman

Women hold a power and a strength not easily matched,
They have the ability to overcome any obstacle placed in their path,
They are able to take years of being silenced,
Years of emotional, physical, and mental abuse,
Years of being pushed to the side,
But with one moment they can silence anyone who opposes them,
This incredible and unbelievable ability is embedded in there DNA,
And that kind of power can only be held by a women,
It lays dormant within them,
Rising up to defend them when the need presents itself,
But when a woman has reached her peek,
The point where she will not take anymore,
That power is unleashed completely, and she becomes the protective, strong, ferocious being that she was born to be,
And make no mistake,
A woman will crush you, if need be and she will do it with pose, tact, and a strength that will send tremors right through you…


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