A Different Way Part 2

…Leaving your nipple I gently moved to the middle of your chest kissing your sweet tasting skin,
With every inch that I touched I felt your tender heart beat between my lips getting faster with every sweet kiss from my lips,
Every now and again I lingered on a kiss,
Letting the tip of my tongue slip through my lips to brush your skin,
When I got to your belly button I allowed my tongue to overflow in the little hole,
You thrust your pelvis into mine from the sheer pleasure of it,

And the more sexual I got the faster and harder the thrust became,
Moving down from your belly button along the line that lead to my destination,
When finally I reached it,

The skill of my tongue was put to work,

Around and around it went,

In and out,

Your breathing deep and heavy,

Your hands clutching into fists pulling the sheets closer to you,

As I continued your fists got tighter, you pulled the sheets harder,

And then for a second you froze,
There it was, that explosion,
That explosion, that I needed to hear,
That I needed to feel,
That I needed to experience,
Your teeth clenched up, your eyes shut becoming tighter in pleasure,

You let out a moan that was so loud it neared a scream,

So lingering I only wondered were the breath came from to keep it going,
This was the powerful,
Utterly beautiful moment of ecstasy I worked towards,
I achieved my goal,
To make you feel the power,

The intensity,
that courses through my entire being every time I feel you close to me…

So you see there are different ways to bring your partner pleasure, so experience them and feel each other on a different level…


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