Worth the Fight 2.1

Behind these tall walls,

Built to keep everyone who could do me harm out,

I watched you,

I watched you fight furiously to get in,

Running into it head first,

And even though I wanted those walls to fall for you,

And let you in,

I couldn’t because it protected a heart that has only known,




And disappointment,

When I looked at you I could see a fire in your eyes,

A fire that burnt with the desire to be close to me,

On a level that has not been touched in a long time,

I was presented with this choice,

The choice to fight back or to continue to keep you at a distance,

It was so hard, because I have taken this chance before and all it brought me was heartache,

But I think I knew my path and that was to break those walls down and let you in,

But I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task because they have been there for so long that,

They got stronger,

So I began to break them down, like a sledge hammer to a concrete slab I swung,

But it was like water on rock,

I had been so used to protecting myself that I couldn’t bring them down.

Feeling suffocated by this confined space, I picked up the pace,

And I flung harder,

For the first time I had a reason to be free from this prison,

And that reason was you, after weeks of this attack the light began to shine through,

Fresh air filled my lungs,

Sunlight lit my way,

And there you were,




The person that you fought for,

And I stood fulfilled and satisfied with the person that I brought those walls down for,

I fought for you just as you fought for me and no matter the outcome,

Whatever the future brings, this moment being so close to you, was worth the fight now and would be worth whatever may come our way, because a love like this can never be bad, it was given to us, for us to learn from it and to teach us to love harder because you never know if it may come and if it does, will last forever…


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